A Catalogue of Constant Motion

Amanda Marsalis

A Catalogue of Constant Motion is a 232-page tome collecting the extensive series of Polaroids that Amanda Marsalis shot over eight years. The book catalogues Amanda’s numerous shots of sunsets, palm trees, hotels, exquisite meals, enviable clothes, airports and men.

The visual language of these images – interpreted with a 4-colour Risograph print – makes them particularly special and vulnerable. As such, A Catalogue of Constant Motion is both about preserving the most personal and intimate moments, as well as about offering them for public consumption through the very real and material form of the Risograph-printed book.

232 pages, 20 × 28 cm, blue, red, yellow and black Risograph print, embossed soft cover, edition of 200 copies.

€32.00 + Shipping
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Nathalie Du Pasquier

Nathalie Du Pasquier is most often described as a ‘founding member of the Memphis collective’, the radical group of thinkers and makers which changed the landscape of creative practices in the 1980s. Nathalie, however, should be better known for her work as artists, which transforms our three-dimensional environment — made of seemingly unimportant, superfluous objects — into visual poetry.

For this book, Nathalie Du Pasquier has applied her subtle and ironic approach to a different kind of poetic visual expression: an illustrated spelling-book in Italian and English, where each letter corresponds to a concept, an idea about language and meaning.

Nathalie Du Pasquier “A—Z” was printed in four colors with a Risograph printer and bound with a canvas sew binding, without front and back cover.

52 pages, 14 × 19.5 cm, blue, red, yellow and black Risographic print, edition of 250 copies.

€22.00 + Shipping
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Dublin Foxes

David Horvitz

For the 2014 edition of EVA International — Ireland’s Biennial, curated by Bassam El Baroni, in Limerick City, David Horvitz produced a new work during his residency at IMMA — Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin, Ireland.

For the entirety of Horvitz’s stay in Dublin he kept his daily rhythms synchronized to California’s time zone, resisting adjusting to Dublin time. During this he sent out e-mails with photographs and small writings about his daily experiences to a restricted mailing list. This book is a complete collection of those e-mails.

64 pages, 18 × 28 cm, blue and red Risographic print, soft cover, edition of 100 copies. (Sold out)

€18.00 + Shipping


Renato D’Agostin

Frecce is the first body of work in color by the Italian photographer Renato D’Agostin.

Frecce Tricolori (literally “Tricolour Arrows”), officially known as the 313° Gruppo Addestramento Acrobatico, is the aerobatic demonstration team of the Italian Aeronautica Militare, based in the north-eastern Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Every year in Jesolo Lido, a seaside resort near Venice, Italy, Frecce Tricolori entertain thousands of people with colourful and eye-catching stunts, has become a tradition of the Italian summer in Jesolo.

Photographer Renato D’Agostin attended the show in August 2014 and created a series of photographs depicting the acrobatic movements of the aircrafts, their dense traces of smoke, an admiring audience, and, most of all, the sky painted in green, white and red.

32 pages, 24.5 × 34.5 cm, four colors Litho print, softbound. Edition of 1000.

€15.00 + Shipping
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Four Four

Ignacio Uriarte

Four Four a book by German artist Ignacio Uriarte. Using the same lp size of Three Hundred Sixty, the book diplays fourty four labyrinths, designed with Microsoft Excell and arranged in a continuum that goes from the smaller and simpler to the bigger and more intricated.

The book results in a black and white collection of pages, made of blacK and white cells that produce a magnified optical illusion.

88 pages, 1 colours Risograph print, 29 × 29 cm, Soft cover, edition of 100 copies. (Sold Out)

€20.00 + Shipping


Jamie Stewart, Mylinh Trieu Nguyen, David Horvitz

The book features new haiku poems written by Jamie Stewart, singer for the American band Xiu Xiu. The topics range from quotidian observations to bird watching to the anus.

David Horvitz, a friend of Stewart, and also former tour manager for the band, has taken print outs of the haikus and photographed them scattered around New York City on public floors and sidewalks.

Mylinh Trieu Nguyen, also friend of both, has designed the book and typeset the poems that were printed.

104 pages, 1 colours Risograph print, 10.8 × 17.5 cm, Soft cover, edition of 100 copies. (Sold out)

€15.00 + Shipping

Earth Bound Sky Bound

Daniel Eatock

Earth Bound Sky Bound is a book* by British artist Daniel Eatock. The book is about horizons, which are physically placed inside the books binding. To get the content, the reader needs to stress on the intersection of pages, generating a morphologic change in the shape of the book and producing creases on the blank cover. A new and sealed copy has no value as the book reaches its purpose and form only when used.

* Although this publication has the same author and title, it should not be mistaken for the first edition of Earth Bound Sky Bound, published in 2011 by Automatic books.

104 pages, 1 colours Risograph print, 19 × 27 cm, Soft cover, edition of 100 copies.

€15.00 + Shipping
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Cómo robar libros, Bogrov

David Horvitz

Cómo robar libros, Bogrov, a book by Californian artist David Horvitz, is a shoplifter’s users guide in both Danish and Spanish. It details 80 ways in which one can steal a book.

Translated into Danish and Spanish on the occasion of Hot, muggy, then cold and windy. We swam in the sea, it got misty and we couldn’t tell what time it was anymore, a solo exhibition by David Horvitz at Peter Amby in Copenhagen. Translated by Christian Viggo Waagensen with help by Peter Amby, Helga Just Christoffersen, Alexandra Laudo (Heroínas de la Cultura), Marla Jacarilla, and Zanna Gilbert.

64 pages, 1 colours Risograph print, 11 × 17 cm, Hard cover, edition of 100 copies. (Sold out)

€15.00 + Shipping

Comment voler des livres, Jak kraść książki

David Horvitz

Comment voler des livres, Jak kraść książki, a book by Californian artist David Horvitz, is a shoplifter’s users guide in both French and Polish. It details 80 ways in which one can steal a book.

Translated into Polish and French on the occasion of two simultaneous solo exhibitions at Dawid Radziszewski in Warsaw and Jan Mot in Brussels (organized by Julia Wielgus). Translated into French by Maud Jacquin. Translated into Polish by Magdalena Moskalewicz with help by Julia Wielgus.

64 pages, 1 colours Risograph print, 11 × 17 cm, Hard cover, edition of 100 copies. Sold out.

€15.00 + Shipping

How to Shoplift Books, Come Rubare Libri

David Horvitz

How to Shoplift Books, Come Rubare Libri, a new book by Californian artist David Horvitz, is a shoplifter’s users guide in both English and Italian. It details 80 ways in which one can steal a book. From the very practical, to the witty and romantic, the book reads like simple instructional text artworks by the conceptualists generation.

A number of books were printed with error covers, which Horvitz has buried in Venice during the Book Affair. The book stems from a conversation Horvitz hosted at the 2011 New York Art Book Fair in David Senior’s Classroom series.

64 pages, 1 colours Risograph print, 11 × 17 cm, Hard cover, edition of 100 copies. (Sold out)

€15.00 + Shipping



Der kleine Philosoph und der große Doofe. Irgendwann muss jemand die Idee gehabt haben, dass es witzig sein könnte, heutige Musterwelten und Meinungen in die Steinzeit zu verlegen, um durch den Bruch einer radikalen Zeitverschiebung deutlich zu machen, dass der Prozess der Zivilisation im Prinzip noch kein Ende gefunden hat. Wie der Insel- oder der Künstlerwitz ist der Steinzeitwitz ein Genre, das sich dann mit der amerikanischen TV-Serie „Flintstones“ ab 1960 animiert austoben konnte. (Read More)

104 pages, 1 colours Risograph print, 14,5 × 10,5 cm, edition of 100 copies. (Sold out)

€15.00 + Shipping

Fantasy Plot Generator

Angelo Plessas

A book by Greek/Italian artist Angelo Plessas. Fantasy Plot Generator is an ongoing project comprised by a website, a series of performances and this publication. It started in 2011 as a commission for the “Word of Mouth” exhibition, curated by Kernel for the 3rd Athens Biennale “Monodrome”. The website is the base of the project where visitors invent character names and generate automatically a story with the function of a programming code. This code ‘borrows’ extracted texts from different philosophical dialogues speaking about extreme concepts and social conditions, ‘remixing’ them in a random way and forming different plots. Read more.

128 pages, 1 colours Risograph print, 11 × 17 cm, Hard cover, edition of 100 copies

€15.00 + Shipping
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Antje Peters

Desserts, a book by german artist Antje Peters, straightforwardly presents 15 photographs of pre-manufactured desserts to be found in supermarkets plus an image of an apple (an allusion to one of the symbols for consumer culture). Imagery from 1970s-90s cookbooks inspired Antje Peters’ post-cookbook approach, with a sharp eye for detail and composition.

The usually functional and illustrative features of photographs in cookbooks give way to a detached product photography style, with a particular focus on shiny surfaces and vivid colors – like advertisement photography but devoid of slogans and logos. Don’t expect recipes here nor any kind of instruction on how to prepare or devour the delicacies. Desserts or elements thereof are shown as ‘objects’ to be admired, like this book itself, whi! ch is anything but a cookbook.

36 pages, 4 colours offset print, 21 × 30 cm. Edition of 200 copies

€5.00 + Shipping
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Amanda Marsalis

A book by american photographer Amanda Marsalis.

“I shot these photos with the end of my polaroid stock. So there is even something more fragile in them since even now I could not take these photos again. It is gone. The time came and went. […]
Reproduction for me is three things: The purpose of a flower, the way the book is being printed, and a woman’s fertility/sexuality. Myself being the woman. I feel in a tradition of classic photographers shooting still lives as an exercise in image making and self examination.”

102 pages, 24 × 32 cm, edition of 100, 2012. Blue and Red Risographic print
(Sold Out)

€20.00 + Shipping

Trannie-Jokes ETC.


A book by swedish artist Samuel Nyholm whose main characters are Herakleitos, Grazyna, Smith. The book also includes Lola in a man’s world, a story about the unemployed lesbian feminist Lola, trying to get a job. Cornel Windlin wrote:

“Two tits, one cock ⎯ and nowhere to go. A gender-bending rollercoaster ride to hell … and back! Probably the best book in the world. Refreshes the parts other books cannot reach. And when we say parts, ⎯ we mean private parts!”

The book also includes a poem written by Karl Holmqvist for Sany.

44 pages, 20.5 × 27 cm. Edition of 100, 2012. Two colors Litho cover, black Risographic print. (Sold out)

€15.00 + Shipping

Three Hundred Sixty

Ignacio Uriarte

Artist’s book by german Ignacio Uriarte. Three Hundred Sixty is a collection of 49 drawings of the size of an LP vinyl record sleeve, where an inner and outer square perform a 180 degree clockwise spin each, adding up to 360 degree. The filling is made monochromatically with a document proof blue pen, placing this way the work in the context of office work.

Three Hundred and Sixty is the result of Ignacio Uriarte’s personal reflection on the everyday office routine combined with clear references to the conceptual and minimal art practices from the late 60’s and 70’s.

98 Pages, 29 × 29 cm, edition of 100, 2012. Blue Risograph print, silkscreen cover

€25.00 + Shipping
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Drawings From my Previous Life

Mai Ueda

Artist’s book by Mai Ueda. Drawings From My Previous Life is a collection of Mai Ueda’s closest friends watercolor portraits that the artist created during the last decade, when she was part of the so called Neen art movement.

“Neen did represent for me a new and different approach to the contemporary art world and practice. It is surprising to see how you can produce poetry and beauty with the use of technology and the Internet devices”.

The book includes portraits of Greek architect Andreas Angelidakis as he is taking a bath in Christian Mollerʼs Jacuzzi in West Hollywood, just wearing black sunglasses; Dutch artist Rafaël Rozendaal that is instead portrayed swimming and floating in a red lifebuoy in a pool in Rio de Janeiro; artist Mai Ueda herself in a sweet friendly hug with Neen’s founder Miltos Manetas or as she is having fun dressed up with her favorite Yohji Yamamoto white jacket. Portraits of artists and friends Angelo Plessas, Nora Lowinsky, Mike Calvert and Serge Becker are also included in the book.

44 pages, 19 × 28 cm, edition of 100, 2012. Silkscreen cover, blue and red Risographic print

€14.00 + Shipping
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Claire Duport

Vodun is a twentyfour pages black and white book comprising the ten drawings and poems that French artist Claire Duport expressly created for Automatic Books. The book explores the universe of Voodoo, without pretending to create a scientific inventory of facts and figures, aiming at offering a personal and intimate interpretation of nowadays’ fears instead.

“I’ve always been very attracted by mysticism to understand how human beings try to give an answer to existential questions, seeking refuge into mystic and religious experiences. It reflects the pains and fears of contemporary culture and civilization. It’s fascinating to explore how religious beliefs and practices often become the powerful tools to overcome complex life issues”.

Not just a matter of cult, Voodoo has more an anthropological than a religious value to it that regards its specific cultural function within social organizations. Considered an art that heals, Voodoo plays a central role in everyday life, by questioning and exploring the entire mankind’s existence.

24 pages, 19 × 28 cm, edition of 100, 2011. Black Risographic print, Silkscreen cover

€10.00 + Shipping
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Robot Poetry Reading

Angelo Plessas

A book by Greek/Italian artist Angelo Plessas. Robot Poetry Reading is a compilation of poems taken from a website and a perfomance project called RobotPoetryReading.com. On this website users write poetry in collaboration with a “Robot”. The “Robot” in question is an open source software that “proposes” random popular words from different search engines. When poem is formed then the “Robot” publishes on the main page of the website. On this special publication the artist compiled a number of published poems from the website but also compiled a number of unpublished ones.

196 pages, 11 × 17 cm, edition of 100, 2012. Black Risographic print

€10.00 + Shipping
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Earth Bound, Sky Bound

Daniel Eatock

A book by english artist Daniel Eatock. Daniel Eatock says: “The photographs are not precious and special, they are just a set of snap shots that are unified by the horizontal line of the horizon. When I took the photographs I was happy and inspired in a cliche way, a took a snap shot of the view to mark the special moment. I did not take them as ‘beautiful photographs’ instead see them a amateur snap shots of ‘beautiful moments’. They have not been taken consciously in preparation for a project, unlike the other sets of photographs on my website. I only noticed them as a set by chance as I was sorting through my photo archive and wanted to unify them and work with them. Not highlighting any one picture or showing how beautiful they are but to deal with them in a semi rational way. Then I arrived at the idea of hiding the line of the horizon in the margins of a book. Hiding the point of interest.”

108 pages, 17 × 24 cm, edition of 100, 2011. Blue Risographic print
(Sold Out)

€15.00 + Shipping

Domain Names 2010—2001

Rafaël Rozendaal

A book by Dutch artist Rafaël Rozendaal. Domain Names 2010—2001 is a one hundred-and-twenty-two colors pages book, that gather together the whole amount of domain names that the visionary Dutch artist has registered over the course of the past ten years. Have a look at the video.

122 pages, 21 × 29.7 cm. Red, Blue and Green Risographic print. Edition of 150

€20.00 + Shipping
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